What is Sportshall Athletics?

Sportshall Athletics is a fun form of athletics for children that takes place indoors. Since the space within a sportshall is limited all sorts of special equipment has been designed to make sportshall athletics a safe and fun activiy. Sportshall athletics is usually done in the winter months when it is too cold, wet and dark to go outdoors. Indoors it is possible to do long jump and high jump, throw turbo-javelins and hammers, hurdle, speed-bounce and even run using special reversa-boards at each end of the hall.

How do I get involved?

Most primary/junior schools within the Mendip area now offer some sportshall athletics via some of the organised schools competitions - just ask your PE teacher. There are several sportshall courses organised by the local sports centres, including Wells Blue School and St Dunstan's Leisure Centre (run in conjunction with Mendip Athletic Club). Details can be obtained from the sports centres concerned.

Are there any competitions I can do?

Yes!! There is a Mendip Area Junior Schools Competitions, which has three heats and A and B finals held during the winter. Your school has probably been invited - so ask your PE teacher if you can go along. There is also a Somerset League planned for next winter, which will provide competitions between the various sports centre teams. There is also the opportunity to go on to represent Somerset in regional competitions. For a complete list of Mendip Schools events click HERE.

What kit do I need?

Sportshall Athletics takes place indoors! So SHORTS, T-SHIRT and ordinary TRAINERS are all you need. Don't forget to bring something to drink as you will probably get thirsty with all that running about!