What is Track and Field Athletics?

Track and Field Athletics is the name given to the collection of activities that take place on and around an athletics track. These include sprinting, hurdling, jumping, throwing and distance running. Athletics takes place all year round, though most competitions usually take place in the summer months.

How do I get involved?

Most primary/junior schools, and some secondary schools within the Mendip area offer some Track and Field Athletics - just ask your PE teacher. You can also go along to your local club - Mendip Athletic Club - who have a large junior section which meets for training throughout the year.

Are there any competitions I can do?

Yes!! For primary schools, as well as your school sports day, there is an annual Mini-Olympics competition, which is held each July and has over 400 children taking part. Your school has probably been invited - so ask your PE teacher if you can go along. For older children (school year 7 and upwards) there are a number of secondary schools races that take place throughout the summer months. Also your local club - Wells City Harriers - send teams to compete in a number of Track and Field Leagues which have races for Under 13's through to men and women.

What kit do I need?

As Track and Field Athletics takes place outdoors, you should make sure you have clothing appropriate to the weather conditions. Especially in winter something WARM and WATERPROOF is essential. In summer you will probably be more comfortable in SHORTS and a T-SHIRT. Although ordinary TRAINERS are ok in the dry, you may find SPIKES better for extra grip and speed. Don't forget to bring something to drink as you will probably get thirsty with all that running about!